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4 New Features of Facebook You Must Have for Marketing Purpose

Facebook Customer Support

For marketing purpose, Facebook seems to be a great platform. To add more value to the brand and expand its visibility, herein are 4 new features of Facebook that can really make a difference.

  1. Zoom up your online presence with Tabsite – Tabsite turns out to be an exceptional tool for Facebook ads. You can also easily build campaigns with customized templates.

  1. Get the right people through Facebook Jobs – With the new Facebook job feature, you can find out potential candidates based on the type of location, profile and the specific title.

  1. Interactive and informative articles with Facebook Instant Articles – To reach out to the potential customer base, you can now use Facebook instant articles by uploading relevant content that helps to increase the subscriber rates.

  1. Broadcast with Facebook Live Video – With Facebook live video, you have an opportunity to increase visibility. You can use the tool to showcase your product and how it can benefit the users.

The Facebook features certainly offer you the chance to connect with a larger audience. If for any reason, you are facing some larger issue, feel free to call the Facebook customer support phone number.


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