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Is It possible to Edit Phone Number in Yahoo Messenger?

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Yahoo messenger has become a medium for small scale business owners as well as other web users to interact with their known ones or official clients through internet without any kind of hurdle. As Yahoo messenger application was first developed for PC users, it was developed for mobile users as well.

As a Yahoo messenger was developed for smartphone device, it had advanced functionalities like calling and sms features that has left other competitors spell bound. But the thing is that user is supposed to get the number verified before using the Y! messenger services on their device.User the has the add-on benefit to change the phone number added in their Yahoo account. He/she can easily delete the old number and insert the new one as well as get it verified.

The phone number can be easily changed in the Yahoo messenger, which is installed on iOS or Android smartphone device. As several users have no idea how to use Yahoo messenger and edit contact number added within it, they look for the assistance from Yahoo customer service experts in quick time to modify the existing cell phone number and add the validated contact number successfully so that necessary tasks can be completed in minutes.

Editing the correct phone number is quite essential as it offers you a feasible option to receive message via text message when you are away from PC installed at home. Phone number validation is also essential as it works as an authentic carrier that trasnmits the email and text message from one sender to recipient in a proper way.

It’s just a simple process to remove the original number and add the new number in the Yahoo messenger before getting it verified by following the essential steps. A verification code is ent to the new number and if you are an owner of that number, just provide the same in the space seen in Yahoo messenger and press verify button to maintain proper flow of message in a streamlined way but with a new phone number

How to Edit Phone Number in Yahoo Messenge

  • Unlock the smartphone device and tap on Yahoo messenger

  • Now naviate to preferences option and tap on mobile

  • Again tap on “edit mobile number”

  • Before that click Delete to remove the old mobile number

  • Once number is deleted. Enter the new one and get it validated by entering the verification code

By following this above mentioned steps, you can easily delete the old phone number and add the new one as well as get it validated in minutes just by contacting tech support companies offering third party email help desk services through phone associated with a Yahoo phone number.

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